Monday, September 25, 2006

What I got at the Card Show: 9/24/06

Site: Concord Mall; Concord, DE

A stack of 180 Topps Allen & Ginter singles and short-prints (Paid $50)

Total Spent on Cards: $50
Bridge Tolls: $3
Parking and Admission: FREE
Grand Total: $53

Like I said in the review, "With so much of the wax being broken, singles are becoming easier, and cheaper, to acquire." Needless to say, I've decided against busting a second box of TA&G, and am buying singles. By sticking to singles, I was able to get just as many base set cards as a full waxbox, for half the price. Unless you're chasing after autogamers or a Rip Card, you might want to hold off on that second TA&G box.

Still working on that box break of '06 Fleer Trad. Hold your horses folks, it will come eventually. But to tide you over, I'll say this: '06 Fleer Trad sucks.

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Anonymous said...

You're now up to $145 on this set (I think) and in addition to some percentage of the whole set, you also have:

-ten "non-vanilla" parallels
-13 Dick Perez Sketch inserts
-a framed autograph of Derrek Lee
-a framed Relic of Mark Buehrle
-a Miguel Tejada chiptopper

I bought the whole set, including all 30 Dick Perez cards, on eBay for about $80 including shipping. Granted, I don't have the 10 parallels, autographed Lee card, Buehrle relic card, or "chiptopper" (whatever that is), but I spent $65 less.

Which is not to criticize--I have assembled many sets recently through wax box purchases and fill-ins at shows myself. Just to point out that times have really changed. It used to be (like in the 1970s and early 1980s) that I bought a box or two of Topps wax packs and put together most of a set, then traded for the rest. And I think it was probably cheaper that way. Now, with the real money chasing the, well, chase cards, it's a lot cheaper buying the base set than trying to assemble it.

Sort of sad, if you ask me.