Monday, July 17, 2006

What I got at the Card Show: 7/16/05

Site: Plymouth Meeting Mall, Plymouth Meeting, PA

A bunch of 2006 Bowman, Topps, and Ultra commons and set fillers. (paid $22)

I really haven't been in a card buying mood these past couple of weeks -- hence the lack of updates to this site. There really haven't been many new products lately, and other than current year base sets, there really isn't anything out there I'm particularly chasing after.

However with this $22 stack, I'm just about done with my '06 Topps, Bowman, and Ultra base sets. The only "money" cards in the stack were a Bowman Johjima RC ($4), and six various Ultra Lucky 13s (buck each).

Other observations:

Alex Gordon's '06 Bowman is now down to $7. The Chromes continue to sell in the $20-$25 range.

Ryan Howard RC's are on fire. His '03 BowChro DP is selling for $50-$60, and his '03 Diamond King is $30.

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David Gourlay said...

I pulled 2 Curtis Maybin auto's (Bowman 2006 set) in 1 box last month. The borders are black and light blue. Any value ? I see he is on fire in low ball.